Richard Epstein takes on Mark Lanier about the Vioxx verdict on CNBC
"You're a bully, Mr. Lanier, and you're not going to get away with it now." (via

A juror talks about being on a medical malpractice case
This blog does not tend to give jurors on malpractice cases very much credit. Here's one who sounds pretty reasonable - and I'm not just saying this because they found in favor of the physician:

Obvious attempts to play on our sympathies (chemotherapy side effects listed repeatedly; three young children introduced to the jury; the horrific first-person account of ...


Grand rounds 49 is up
Come get the weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

A doctor in Vietnam builds an endoscope himself using cheap parts and a home computer

HIPAA, water-cooler talk, and the whole patient
"Studies show that multidisciplinary rounds improve every facet of patient care, from length of hospital stay to infectious complications and even mortality. But it still means that medical privacy is becoming a very relative concept. No longer can you offer up your gallbladder to the system, and keep the rest of yourself tucked safely away.

The walls between medical providers and ...


The health problems left behind by hurricane Katrina

Inside a fake Viagra factory
"It may look like any building site, but it is the squalid factory where counterfeit Viagra is produced. The fake pills are stored on dirty plastic sheeting, while the cement mixer is used to dye them blue.

Most people who buy drugs over the internet will be unaware that they could easily come from somewhere such as this." (via Blog Plate Special)

A roundabout diagnosis of C Difficile
It seems like it took a lot of work to come to a simple C Difficile diagnosis in a 15-year old girl: "She and her family are angry at doctors they allege did not think she was ill, removed her appendix because they wrongly believed she had appendicitis and accused her of being pregnant before finally making the right diagnosis . . .


Capitol murder charges for late-term abortions?
"Texas doctors who perform abortions without parental approval or after the third trimester could face capital murder charges because of a new law that takes effect this week, a prosecutors group says."

A drug store dispensed Diazepam (Valium) instead of Ditropan to a 5-year old girl
"Kayla had two doses of liquid Valium.

'She got very hyper, she kept laughing and laughing,' Ferranti said.

After another dose, Kayla started to complain that she felt dizzy and her stomach hurt.

'I couldn't stop being silly,' she said.

CVS attributed the confusion to the similar spelling of the drug names. ...


Michael Kinsley on Vioxx
"Foreigners look with amazement at a society that gives Carol Ernst $16 million or so in trade for her 59-year-old husband -- more than he's worth to anyone else and yet almost insultingly inadequate to her -- gives tens of millions each to a few lawyers like Mark Lanier, and is about to institute a transparently phony plan to provide prescription drugs that do work ...


"If we get angry at our doctors for nagging us, it's because we don't want to do the hard work of getting rid of those pounds."
More support for Dr. Bennett.

Several nursing home residents died during the Gulf Coast hurricane evacuation
Dehydration is suspected.

Dr. Bennett on MSNBC's Countdown
"I think it is about 70 percent of adult practitioners will write in your chart morbidly obese and not mention it to you, because, if they do, their 15 minutes expands to 20 or 30, they have got you unhappy and they may get a complaint, as I have had. Well, that's a brave new world.

I mean, if a doctor ...


Response from the NH Board of Medicine in the Dr. Bennett case
"Dr. Cynthia S. Cooper, a member of the Board of Medicine handling the dispute who has recused herself because Bennett has referred patients to her Dover practice, said she sticks to national guidelines when telling patients they are obese and need to lose weight.

'We never try to belittle patients or ridicule patients because of their ...

Read more... continues its podcasts around the medical blogosphere by interviewing Dr. Robert Centor of DB's Medical Rants and Dr. Joe Stirt of

The Chicago Tribune talks about the abortion bias of the fetal pain article
" A research article about when fetuses feel pain is sparking a heated debate over the nexus between science and politics and what information authors should disclose to scientific journals.

The report, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, analyzed previously published research and concluded that fetuses probably don't feel pain until 29 ...


They are considering malpractice review panels in Wyoming

Reprinted from the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Doctor's orders: Don't replace them with lawyer's orders

ROCHESTER DOCTOR Terry Bennett told an obese patient she was fat and should lose weight, and for that the state board of medicine is trying to discipline him. Sounds like board members need to see a doctor themselves "” to have their heads examined.

Dr. Bennett said his patient ...


A Cape Cod physician loses his license over OxyContin
"At yesterday's hearing in Boston, officials said, the board investigator presented evidence that Brown was the single leading prescriber of OxyContin in the entire state, with his prescriptions accounting for 288,859 of the 922,985 OxyContin tablets sold through pharmacies in 2004. In an affidavit presented at the closed-door disciplinary hearing, the investigator said almost all of Brown's prescriptions were 40-milligram tablets, ...


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