People who rely on their primary-care doctor to coordinate their health-care needs fare better than those who don't
"In addition, having a long-term relationship with a doctor resulted in fewer hospitalizations and other reductions in health-care costs, the researchers found."

"Doctors need to understand that we are businessmen"”nothing less, nothing more"”and the sooner we accept this the better."
The New Yorker writes about the intersection between money and medicine. (via

Hospital advertising to consumers is now coming under scrutiny
"Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs had come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the recent Vioxx debacle. Experts across many fields felt that the huge advertising effort behind Vioxx and other cox-2 inhibitors contributed to an over-prescribing of the drugs, and the subsequent heart-related problems experienced by some users.

Ads by medical centers are a more recent phenomenon, another ...


over my med body! hosts this week's Grand Rounds
Get all the scoop from the best of the medical blogs.

A police officer faces charges for delaying an OB speeding on the way to a delivery
"Rather than release Chidiac [the OB] at that point, Lilliston [the officer] drove him to the hospital and marched the doctor to the maternity ward with his motorcycle helmet still on and his hands cuffed behind his back.

A nurse urged the doctor to hurry, because the baby's head was showing."

Missouri signs malpractice litigation reforms
"The law limits an award for noneconomic damages in medical liability cases to $350,000, down from $500,000; regardless of the number of defendants in a case, and there is no inflation adjustment on the cap."

9 out of 10 medical doctors worldwide have penmanship that is quite easy to read
"Among other findings about physicians from the Pilot Pen/Graphology Consulting Group handwriting report are the characteristics of medical specialists:
* Cardiologists -- fast thinkers, open-minded, positive high energy.
* Neurologists -- forward thinkers, quick, interested, intuitive and "elegant."
* Orthopedic surgeons -- Surprisingly, only 15% display handwriting signs that indicate manual dexterity.
* Male OB/GYNs ...


In the UK, some physicians solely practice to give second opinions
"But it is aiming to reverse the trend with the introduction of a new GP post, called a referrals GP, which will give patients access to a second family doctor if they are not convinced by their own."

The UK's busiest GP has a patient panel of over 6,000 and works 17-hour days
Did I mention she was also pregnant?

"I think it's imperative that the patient has to be everybody's primary concern, and I'm afraid they're getting lost in the woodwork."
As doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies battle for reform, it's the patient that often loses.

"We need our federal government to create a system that removes profit motives from the practice of medicine."
A doctor yearns for medicine as it was practiced 30 years ago. Best of luck to him - a doctor who doesn't accept business being a part of medicine cannot survive in today's world.

A girl with celiac disease is barred from first communion
"In order to accommodate Haley's medical condition, her priest substituted the wheat wafer with one made of rice. But little did they know, they'd just broken a church doctrine . . .

The local diocese ruled that Haley's first communion didn't count, and reprimanded the priest who gave her that rice wafer."

Avoiding the "Doorknob Phenomenon"
"The four familiar words physicians always dread come when the office visit is ending, doctor's pen clipped back onto the white coat pocket and hand reaching for the door. "Oh, by the way," the patient says. What comes next could be as innocuous as a harmless freckle or a bombshell. Doctors call it 'the doorknob phenomenon.' . . .

. . . Charon teaches a ...


"That is a gross medical error."
In reference to commentators who have "compared Ms. Schiavo's situation to that of starving children in Africa and abandoned animals in shelters."

Bill Frist is guilty of practicing medicine without a brain
"Sen. Bill Frist last week watched a videotape of Terri Schiavo made by her parents in 2001. He did this in his capacity as Senate majority leader and as a renowned physician. In both roles, he performed miserably. As a senator, he showed himself to be an unscrupulous opportunist. As a physician, he was guilty of practicing medicine without a ...


The MEDI Binder is now available
"The MEDI Binder is an organizational tool to allow patients to keep track of the important' aspects of their medical record."

This is the brainchild of Dr. Benjamin England, a fellow medblogger at Galen's Log.

A 42-year old woman died from cardiac arrest after a nose-job and face-lift

Half-assed screening of malpractice cases
"The House Judiciary Committee [in New Hampshire] is poised to recommend a compromise which would create a method for malpractice cases to be screened before going to trial in the hopes both sides can reach a settlement . . . It is a system based on one in Massachusetts, however, that state uses a panel comprised of a judge, lawyer and doctor to decide ...


Is starving Terri Schiavo malpractice?
This gastroenterologist seems to think so: "Any physician who would knowingly starve a patient to death, court order or not, is in my opinion violating the Hippocratic Oath and is in effect guilty of malpractice."

"Congress should not play doctor"
"They cared about 'exciting the base,' as an internal GOP memo circulated on Capitol Hill boasted."

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