A study suggests that older doctors know less, provide lower-quality care, and may expose patients to greater risks than physicians recently out of medical school
". . . older doctors generally agreed that the rapid increase in new medical knowledge can be a challenge to keep pace with, especially as doctors already are pressed for time to see all their patients."

The study was from the Annals of ...


Investigators reviewed pharmaceutical ads in American medical journals and found that nearly one-third contained no references for medical claims

I love the picture - it makes it look like we're killing the guy. Trust me, getting the flu shot isn't that bad.

A study has come out suggesting that the flu shot doesn't help save seniors' lives.

I'm not sure how much stock I'd put into this study. It isn't even a head to head study (i.e. comparing the outcomes of ...


Lawsuits Spread in Over Penis Enlargement Claims
A distinctly phallic feel to today's blogging. No surprise that these herbal ED remedies don't work, previously written here.

Woman finds penis in a bottle of ketchup
"I will never buy this brand again, it's finished."

Updating the blogroll

Every few weeks I update the blogroll, adding interesting new blogs, and removing blogs that aren't updated as frequently. Recently, I have enjoyed the writings of The Cheerful Oncologist and the musings of a psychiatry resident at intueri: to contemplate.

Grand Rounds this week comes from India
Come get your weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

The NFL has ended its relationship with Levitra, an officially licensed league sponsor for the past two seasons
"Seems the league had grown uncomfortable with the direction of the Levitra commercials and marketing initiatives and opted to cut ties after two years of a three-year agreement. In so doing, the league forfeited $6 million of the $18 million contract. 'It just wasn't working out the way we felt it ...


Poor equipment, a shortage of medicines and the threat of kidnappings: Welcome to the life a physician in Iraq

A lawyer who once defended doctors now sues one
A tragic case where a defense lawyer presented at age 46 with rectal bleeding. There is question whether her physician recommended a colonoscopy. She says that her doctor declined to order one, the physician says the patient refused. Subsequently, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and recently passed away.

In today's medical climate, anyone around the age ...


"Seems they will stop at nothing to keep the big bucks rolling in and the public in fear of sex. Shame on them."
The perceived threat of the new, resistant strain of HIV is much different in the gay community.

Do thongs cause urinary tract infections?
Dr. Charles discusses this burning question, so to speak.

Some Pharm.D.'s can be found bagging Doritos in retail pharmacies
"Rogers belongs to a new breed of pharmacists charging out of college nowadays - armed with doctorates and ready to join the top ranks of health care providers - only to bruise their supple young egos as they bump up against the hard reality and often mundane duties of retail pharmacy.

Better educated and better trained than their predecessors, ...


Once again, the tabloid Boston Herald goes alarmist
Calling Oxycontin a "killer" drug? Please - let's keep some perspective here. When taken correctly, Oxycontin is a safe, effective medication for severe pain. Remember, people can also fatally overdose on Tylenol too.

A terrible mistake - but front page news?

I guess medical mistakes sells papers.

Server upgrade

Thanks to all of you, I have outgrown my server. I switched over to Hosting Matters (if it's good enough for Instapundit, it's good enough for me). There are some bugs that I am trying to fix, so bear with me.

Health Canada under fire for pulling Adderall XR
The FDA is criticized for pulling Vioxx too late, Health Canada for pulling Adderall XR too early. You can never win.

CNN reveals the top 25 medical stories of the past 25 years
The top story will be revealed tomorrow.

Human genome mapping is the number one story.

Why you should care about the growing debt of medical school graduates
"In conclusion, the current medical school debt burden influence not only the student's future career goals but will also influence the level of care the average patient can look forward to and will likely cause more frustration with medical care as a whole. The decreasing desire to pursue medicine as a career will likely only decelerate the ...


Man sues over "botched" testicular surgery: Another frivolous lawsuit?
"A man is suing a hospital and one of its surgeons, claiming one of his testicles was wrongly removed during surgery.

Danny Curtis claims the surgeon at Kern Medical Center did not conduct a biopsy before arranging urgent surgery to remove a testicular tumor in July 2004, according to the lawsuit filed in Kern County Superior Court."

I ...


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