The Seattle PI calling both doctors and lawyers childish after the recent malpractice initiatives. "As legitimate representatives of two powerful groups, lobbyists for doctors and lawyers should get a seat at this table, just not at the head of the table -- perhaps at the children's table."

How an undercover journalist, posing as a patient, destroyed a doctor's career.

Trading unused prescription drugs is becoming a worsening problem. "For a sizable group of people in their 20's and 30's, deciding on their own what drugs to take - in particular, stimulants, antidepressants and other psychiatric medications - is becoming the norm. Confident of their abilities and often skeptical of psychiatrists' expertise, they choose to rely on their own research and each other's experience in treating problems like depression, ...


A woman with 4 years of seasickness. "The symptoms started on the cruise to Majorca in 2001, but it was six months before Mrs Houghton was diagnosed with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS)."

C-section rates in the US are at an all-time high. "The increase is attributed to fears of malpractice lawsuits if a vaginal delivery goes wrong, the preferences of mothers and physicians, and the risks of attempting vaginal births after Caesareans."

A pregnant woman has chicken pox leading to pneumonia. She is now suing because more aggressive treatment was not offered:

Riddle was diagnosed by physician's assistant Victor Dunn, a member of the Emergency Physicians Health Group at the time, as having chicken pox, according to court documents.

After consulting with her obstetrician, Randall King, the decision was made to send Riddle home without any testing or medication, but ...


Ants eat away patient's eye in Indian hospital - nurses ignored cries of pain, saying it was normal after operation.

Yale loses a malpractice case where an "unnecessary" total hysterectomy that left a patient with nerve damage. "The size of the verdict was unusually large. Awards of that size are the reason why medical malpractice insurance rates are so high."

A dying pediatrician sues her doctor for missing invasive breast cancer. Her doctor certainly makes some questionable decisions based on the fact that the patient was a physician:

Dr Carney told the court Dr Newton detected a "gritty" area on her right breast and told her "we'd better keep an eye on that".

Dr Newton denies detecting the gritty area or saying they should keep an eye ...


Apparently medical schools in the UK are having a problem - not enough dead bodies:

Doctor training is being undermined because of a lack of dead bodies to study, the government says.

Two courses have already been cancelled this year because of a lack of cadavers and experts said more will be hit if the fall in donations is not reversed.

A doctor stabs and kills a nurse in the hospital's recovery room. "A nurse killed Saturday in a Southwestern Ontario hospital's recovery room may have saved her accused killer's life earlier this year, according to court documents obtained by the Windsor Star.

'Lori Dupont literally saved [ Marc Daniel's] life by giving him rescue breathing and contacting emergency rescue services,' says a statement of defence filed in July in ...


What's next for malpractice reform in Washington state?

"Whoever masterminded this year's flu shots probably would screw up a free lunch or a one-car funeral procession." "'It's really a pervasive problem, and it's frustrating' when supermarkets and others have vaccine and doctors don't."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

There continues to be ignorance about HIV in the sports world. "I don't want to be the one who goes out and plays a sport that I love and comes home H.I.V. positive. I'm just overwhelmed that he was out there playing while H.I.V. positive and carrying on with his everyday life as if he was like everyone else. He was walking around and talking to the guys in ...


One of the keys to the government's influenza-pandemic preparedness plan: liability protection.

The fight against MRSA continues - hospitals in the UK will be graded on cleanliness:

Under the new compulsory hygiene alert system, hospitals will be given a "red card" if they comply with less than 70% of the national cleanliness standards, amber if they achieve between 70% and 90% and green for higher compliance.

A liver transplant program shuts down. People on the waiting list are starting the sue:

Three people sued a hospital on Monday, just days after the federal government found that more than 30 people died there over the past two years while waiting for liver transplants.

The lawsuit alleges that hospital officials didn't tell patients that the University of California, Irvine Medical Center hadn't had a resident liver ...


Two-thirds of cancer patients do not completely understand what their diagnosis means. "Marilyn said she was not encouraged to ask questions, and believes she was made to feel that she was some kind of freak.

When she asked her consultant if she would lose her hair, he responded by saying: 'Bald women are really sexy'. She didn't laugh." has a featured discussion on medical malpractice this month.

David G. Ludwig and Kara Beth Borden: World of Psychology takes a look at their blogs. This is regarding the breaking news where Ludwig killed Borden's parents and allegedly kidnapped her.

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