One of the top doctors in Kaiser is becoming a woman
Dr. Judson Lively will return in two weeks as Dr. Judy Lively.

No sex rule has implications for isolated MDs
"Imagine you are the only doctor in a small, isolated northern community. You're single. The law says you're not allowed to have sex with your patients. Since everyone in the community is your patient, that means you're not allowed to have sex. Period."

A patient in the UK with crippling back pain has to wait 68 weeks to see a specialist
"What happens if he says I need a back operation and I have to go on the waiting list for that?"

Vitamin E supplements are useless
It has been written before that there is poor data supporting the use of vitamin E for the prevention of cancer and heart disease. Now comes a study suggesting an association with heart failure. An editorial asks, Is there hope for vitamin E? I say no.

Veterinarians are not immune to malpractice either
"Richard Cupp, a Pepperdine University law professor, says that if courts routinely start to award emotional damages to pet owners, veterinary care will cost more, leading to 'more suffering' among pets because 'fewer pets will get sent to the vet.'"

It was just reported that Tedy Bruschi is undergoing surgery for a hole in his heart:

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi -- who once played for the University of Arizona - is back in the hospital tonight, according to sources in Tucson and Boston.

The team isn't confirming this news yet, but KOLD News 13 has learned Bruschi is undergoing surgery to repair a hole in his ...


A doctor is convicted for 2.5 million improper prescriptions
"Dr. Harry Meyer Katz, 79, of Dittmer, was convicted of 176 felony counts of illegal distribution of prescription controlled substances, following a seven-day trial."

An mind-boggling number. If he was in practice 40 years, that would amount to more than 170 prescriptions per day.

So easy to sue a doctor, so hard to sanction a lawyer
"Dr. Zev Maycon has been sued four times in three years; he's been dismissed before trial each time, but has missed weeks of work as a result, to the detriment of his patients. The only time he's been able to recover his expenses for these meritless lawsuits is the one time an attorney was impolitic enough to acknowledge ...


A malpractice trial where a physician misdiagnosed gall bladder disease for irritable bowel syndrome
"In his opening statements, Hawkins' attorney Barry Nace said he plans to prove that if Bosley would have followed a "standard of care," of which other physicians follow, Hawkins would have averted being subjected to a barrage of medical bills, physical anguish and a loss of income.

Nace argued that Bosley did not properly treat ...


There is now a third malpractice proposal offered by the Democrats in Washington
"The state's largest group of trial lawyers said the package was so promising they might abandon their own proposal in favor of Democrats' plan."

No surprise there. This is an update to the competing malpractice initiatives in Washington state, previously discussed here.

Robotic dolls that behaves like a baby addicted to drugs and alcohol are being used to teach teenagers the dangers of drink and drugs

"The dolls simulate the appearance of babies born with foetal alcohol syndrome and addicted to drugs.

They shake and scream as they go through withdrawal and teenagers in the area will be asked to look after them single handed for two ...


Grab your remote and click to watch Grand Rounds XXV
Come get the weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

WBC as a screen for heart disease?
There is an orgy of news stories reporting today's release that an elevated WBC can predict heart disease:

Healthy women's heart risk may be predicted by a $25 blood test commonly performed during doctor's visits or before surgery, according to a study in the March 15 Archives of Internal Medicine.
Problem is, using a WBC to screen for heart disease is foolhardy - ...


A man who was diagnosed as 'obese' actually had a 55lb tumor
I had a similar case, a liposarcoma. Normally, you should be able to palpate that a sarcoma of that size would result firmer than normal belly.

A postcall resident crashes while driving home. Is the hospital liable?
"At stake, legal experts say, is the broader issue of resident work hours. If Rush is held responsible for the car crash, then teaching hospitals nationwide could be vulnerable to similar suits, even though residents are no longer allowed to work 36-hour stints."

Another story showing how the current malpractice system is failing us
"Other advocates say that the malpractice system encourages healthcare providers to remain silent about mistakes, undercutting efforts to improve patient safety. They want to get away from courts altogether, setting up a schedule of payments for victims of medical mistakes if they can simply prove their injury was 'avoidable' rather than a result of negligence. Last month, the panel ...


Two immovable forces: An update on the malpractice debate in my home state

A businessman is offering Michael Schiavo one million dollars to give up his right to decide his wife's medical treatment

HIPAA has closed the openness that some small communities have
"Practices which helped neighbors stay connected in this community of 1,200 and others like it across the country are largely gone partly because of the nation's new medical privacy laws under the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act."

A case where a 38-year-old women died because her pneumonia was not treated early enough
"A medical expert testified on Friday that an internist accused of medical malpractice in the death of a 38-year-old Boonton woman appropriately diagnosed her symptoms as influenza and could not have predicted that the flu would lead to bacterial pneumonia."

From what I read in the article: On January 18th, 2001, a 38-year old ...


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