This is the correct way to sneeze

"Over the past decade or so, schools and day-care centers around the country have gradually adopted the technique as a way to ward off colds, flu, whooping cough and other easily transmitted bugs. It's been replacing the traditional cover-your-mouth-with-your-hands-or-a-tissue approach that has long been considered the polite and most sanitary technique.

The reasons are fairly obvious "” when ...


Some women in the UK are inventing family histories of breast cancer in order to have treatment
"They say the women, 1% of patients, are likely to have a psychological disorder similar to Munchausen's Syndrome."

A doctor murdered his former patient to prevent her from testifying against him in a Medicare fraud trial

Sorry Pfizer, azithromycin is useless in heart disease
"In one study, led by Dr. J. Thomas Grayston of the University of Washington in Seattle, 4,012 people who already had suffered a heart attack or clogged artery problem were given either azithromycin or a placebo once a week for a year.

Nearly four years later, the number of heart attacks, deaths, hospitalizations, and necessary additional heart procedures was almost identical ...


Dilbert's doc meets a drug rep
Hilarious. (via GruntDoc)

A shortage of primary-care physicians is an obstacle to universal health coverage in Vermont
"'If the state reimburses similar to Medicaid - currently Medicaid pays about 53 percent of what Blue Cross pays - you will not attract physicians to Vermont,' he said. 'But if a new state-administered plan provides adequate reimbursement Â… it could make Vermont an attractive place to practice.'"

The bottom-line is money. Physicians will ...


A plastic surgeon is facing penalties after he dated and subsequently married a television news reporter on whom he'd performed surgery
"Bergman, 56, married the former Bobbi Silvernail in 2002, while she was a 28-year-old anchorwoman at WHO-TV. The couple said that they met when she went to him for breast-augmentation surgery. "It's almost a cliche. 'Rich plastic surgeon marries young girl,' he joked in an interview shortly before the ...


Sounds so easy on paper
"True health-care reform cannot occur until the issue of medical malpractice is seriously addressed. A national health insurance will lead to loss of patient autonomy and an indeterminate delay in the provision of services. Honest legislative decisions, made with input from those intimately associated with the issues, can lower the cost of health-care delivery, thereby providing better access to care for the poor and underserved ...


Disputing the malpractice numbers in Pennsylvania
"On April 11, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania released data purporting to show that medical malpractice lawsuit filings were down 'sharply' in 2004.

Chief Justice Ralph Cappy all but declared the medical malpractice crisis in Pennsylvania over. Several newspapers wrote news articles and editorials heralding the new era that Cappy and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association would have the public accept as true.


A woman who suffered a miscarriage in hospital was accidentally given her dead fetus in a plastic bag
"Hospital staff are thought to have put the foetus in a patient property bag so the mother would be spared from seeing it.

But as she was about to be transferred by ambulance to St Mary's, a nurse spotted the bag, thought it contained clothes and handed it to the ...


My bad: Obesity is still bad, but not as bad
"Being overweight is nowhere near as big a killer as the government thought, ranking No. 7 instead of No. 2 among the nation's leading preventable causes of death, according to a startling new calculation from the CDC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated Tuesday that packing on too many pounds accounts for 25,814 deaths a year in ...


"The dysfunctional payment system is oppressive, Byzantine and discriminatory."
Now, let's see the ACP back up those words with some action.

An article looking at the marketing female sexual dysfunction
"The pharmaceutical industry's dreams of making large profits from treating female sexual dysfunction are starting to look like premature speculation."

"Two of every five senior citizens don't follow their doctors' orders, sometimes because of cost, sometimes because they just don't want to."

There is an upcoming movie taking a satirical look at drug reps and the pharmaceutical industry
"One widespread corporate tactic is hiring reps who are undeniably alluring and always charming. And when it comes to experience, sales, rather than science, is the hands-down winner. Slattery-Moschkau, like her alter ego Hert, was stunned when she found that her experience selling cellphones and her political science degree from the University of ...


"Bowing and curtsying have replaced handshakes and hugs in northern Angola as health workers battle a deadly viral outbreak that has killed 237 people and left victims too scared to go to hospital."

This week's Grand Rounds is up
Come get the weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

Daily Kos is keeping track of all the misleading "Physicians of the Year"
Don't be duped by these meaningless awards. Previously mentioned here. (via Blogborygmi)

With COX-2's vanquished, are NSAIDs next?
"'To the best of our knowledge, these are the first data to support putting a box warning on NSAIDs, not just cox-2s,' said Dr. Andrew Dannenberg, a Cornell University scientist who helped do the Norway study."

Jury awards mother of brain-damaged boy $17 million in lawsuit
"Lafferty's case centered on an ultrasound examination that was performed before she gave birth.

Because of a rare medical condition called fetal maternal hemorrhage, the child lost 75 percent of his blood before birth, had to be resuscitated after an emergency delivery by Caesarean section and was left with serious brain damage, impaired vision and cerebral palsy.

Dr. ...


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