Can you imagine a world without health care?  This video shows you.  Courtesy of the U.K.-based Save the Children.  

Saurabh Sinha is a medical student who gave this fantastic talk about appreciating the present moment, and asking what more you can do.  Both physicians and medical students can learn from this engaging talk.

Did you know that Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul & Mary, sang the Colonoscopy Song?  You do now, and here it is.

A new series by the physicians over at Health Sketch explain what a stroke is and its symptoms.  A nice explanation, presented in visual, easy to understand terms.

Ever wonder what patients think of when you see them in the hospital?  Here's the answer, in this powerful video from the Cleveland Clinic.

Jordan Grumet reads from this new book, I Am Your Doctor: and This Is My Humble Opinion. I highly recommend this poignant look at what's it like to be a physician today.

ZDoggMD's take on prescription drug abuse, set to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space."  The comments from the video are all over: Is it, as one commenter notes, "a genuine reflection of the issue of drug-seeking patient behavior," or, "offensive to people who are truly suffering"?  You decide.

Dan Roman gives a powerful account on what it's like to live with depression, performing at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.  Sometimes, words can't explain it.  In this case, poetry can.

What's the first year of medical school like?  Students at Washington University School of Medicine show you in "First Year Funk."  Enjoy.

Medical student Benjamin Romney created this video for a senior project.  It highlights the diverse aspects of a career in family medicine.  An inspiration to anyone considering the field.  

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