EMRs and ROI

Don't expect much of a revenue boost. Any wonder why EMRs are so slow to spread?

One way to objectively measure value is return on investment (ROI). The news our survey delivers on this front isn't particularly good. For every two respondents who say they have earned back in efficiency and revenue what they invested in an EMR, three say they have not. That's despite the large number of ...


When the EMR goes down

The hospital grinds to a halt:

IT people that work at a hospital: yes, your department now truly influences whether patients get better or worse, and indirectly, live or die.

"Free" EMR

What's the catch?

EMRs: What to look for

A good list to start with for those looking for an EMR.

Using an EMR

Dr. Rob with a typical day. Although difficult to implement, once an EMR is running smoothly, it becomes indispensable.

EMR non-acceptance

Richard Reece asks whether force or persuasion should be used to increase the EMR adoption rate.

Some say that the medical world isn't ready for a national EMR initiative yet.

Much ado has been made touting EMR's improving quality of care. So far, the data doesn't back that up:

Electronic health records -- touted by policymakers as a way to improve the quality of health care -- failed to boost care delivered in routine doctor visits, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

Of 17 measures of quality assessed, electronic health records made no difference in 14 measures, according ...


Medgadget with the scoop on the latest:

Here's an exclusive look at the first, and only, electronic medical record (EMR) compatible with the infamous iPhone. Everything from office notes to prescriptions, x-rays to echos can be viewed in all their multi-touch screen glory on the iPhone. Not to worry, this sexy little program isn't just for hip, trendy physicians - soon even patients will be able to access their medical ...


Concerns about the push towards EHRs and PHRs:

I am becoming increasingly concerned about whether the push for national-scale EMR's has created a "gold rush" where prospectors of varied honesty and ability have set out to 'strike it rich' -- by sucking every dollar they can out of an already strained healthcare system under pressure to 'revolutionize care' through computerization.

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