Tips for a smooth EMR transition

And a soothing recipe at the end to boot. (via The Health Care Blog)

Their EMR is a major reason. Although I don't think it works this well:

Most private hospitals can only dream of the futuristic medicine Dr. Divya Shroff practices today. Outside an elderly patient's room, the attending physician gathers her residents around a wireless laptop propped on a mobile cart. Shroff accesses the patient's entire medical history--a stack of paper in most private hospitals. And instead of trekking to the ...


EMRs: Where more is less

Doctor comments on JAMA's recent EMR commentary:

Moreover, EMR encourages everyone to copy-and-paste the notes of everyone else so that notes become the same from author to author as well as from day to day. Even consultants are assimilated into the oneness of the EMR Borg. A cardiology consultant recently copied-and-pasted the intern's note into his own, even including "consult cardiology in AM" in his recommendations. Perhaps he meant ...


Microsoft’s EMR

Microsoft Word that is. This physician explains how he does it.

The switch to EMR

So the big deal in my practice is the transition to an EMR in the upcoming months. Finally. Our administration has chosen the HealthMatics EMR by A4 Health Systems.

The plan will be to carry these laptops into the exam room, and in an ideal situation, directly enter notes into templates while doing the history.

Anyone have any experience with this system? ...


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