Template-driven EMRs

Attack of the clones: "What I see constantly when I receive EMR records from other practices (where the patient was first treated elsewhere and the treatments were not successful so they are now coming to me) is that the patients look identical. That is - I can see histories populated from checklists and quick electronic choices . . . The diseases all look the same. There ...


Another EMR fear

With so many vendors out there, there is always the risk of your vendor going out of business.

EMR exuberance

EMRs are being promoted as the Holy Grail. But, no one is willing to put money where their mouth is. Another example of sticking it to physicians:

Also, one wonders, say, why airline pilots are not forced to purchase, out of their own pockets, computers in their cockpits designed to prevent pilot error or collisions, but that in testing actually often doesn't work, or just makes piloting ...


The free EMR

Free, open-source software, to run your medical practice on a shoestring budget.


Homegrown EMR

Why shell out thousands for an EMR when you can use Microsoft Word? Here's the equipment that this urologist uses for a DIY EMR.

Physician's don't care about making the EMR the centerpiece of the patient encounter:

"You have to realize that physicians have been trained four years in med school, then three to seven years in post-graduate training. The funny thing is that they want to take care of patients. They don't want to become specialists in creating medical records. They look at the medical record as an incidental cost of doing business. ...


EMR incentives

Good news:
Medicare is thinking about financially rewarding doctors for switching to EMRs.

Bad news:
It's only going to be a measly few thousand dollars annually, which really amounts to zero incentive.

The carrot has to be way, way bigger to entice a switch.

Mandating EHRs

Doctors are forced to switch EHRs, or face being booted out of Boston-based Partner's Health Care. Way to stick it to the little guy, who often has zero financial support to make the switch.

I can see Medicare and other big-payers using the same bullying tactics to force EHR adoption.

EMRs and ROI

Don't expect much of a revenue boost. Any wonder why EMRs are so slow to spread?

One way to objectively measure value is return on investment (ROI). The news our survey delivers on this front isn't particularly good. For every two respondents who say they have earned back in efficiency and revenue what they invested in an EMR, three say they have not. That's despite the large number of ...


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