It's never a problem, until it affects you.

Baby Boomers are going to be Medicare beneficiaries within the next few years, and some are finding out how difficult it is to find a primary care doctor.

Nationwide, about 30 percent of Medicare patients had difficulty finding a primary care physician during the past year.

As one patient puts it, "I must have made 12 calls before ...


The news on bed sores is not good.

Hospital admissions increased by 15 percent between 1993 and 2006. The incidence of bed sores however, disproportionally jumped 79 percent.

Of course, Medicare wasted no time in making advanced bed sores a so-called "never" event, despite the fact there are no studies that guarantee total prevention.

In 2006 alone, over half a million patients developed bed sores ...


Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) is a group of radical left-leaning doctors in favor of single-payer health care. As progressive blogger Ezra Klein writes, they are opposed to any measure that isn't single-payer:

Their take on Obama's health plan is that it's not single payer, so they don't support it. And their take on Health Care for America Now coalition is that it's not pushing single payer, ...


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