Hearing loss from iPods and other MP3 players

by Crystal Phend

iPod users beware. Listening to an MP3 player for even an hour can induce short-term hearing loss, researchers affirmed.

Compared with controls, hearing deterioration among MP3 users was 3.97 to 4.40 times more likely when listening to pop/rock music through earbud headphones at different output levels, found Hannah Keppler, MS, of Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium, and colleagues.

Listening to an iPod with over-the-ear headphones also boosted the odds of …

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Talking with patients about their impending death

by Brad Stuart, MD

The emergency department phoned my office right before lunch.

I was on call for our general IM group, so when I was done with my morning schedule I walked across the street to the hospital. Greg, my partner’s 38 year old patient, was a woodworker admitted with fever, chills, cough, a sharp pain in his right side, and a WBC of 18,000. On the chest x-ray, I …

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Treatment decisions under migraine headache influence

by Diana E. Lee

At an appointment with my local neurologist I showed up feeling bone tired and mentally drained.

Next thing I knew I was going back on a medication I had deliberately chosen to stop taking just because a doctor told me I should be taking something.

When the doctor finally came into my exam room he looked over the list of medications I was taking and declared that Lyrica alone …

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