Author Jay Neugeboren presented with shortness of breath after exertion, and eventually was diagnosed with coronary artery disease requiring an emergent quintuple-bypass.

How did two doctors, including a cardiologist, miss the urgency of his symptoms? It probably was because they didn't know the author, whereas his lifelong friend, who turned out to also be a doctor, was able to "place [his] new symptoms in the context of [his] ...


It's an age-old question that many parents still ask.

Pediatrician Perri Klass gives her take in a NY Times column. In general, you can't prevent every child who's shedding virus from going to school, as "that's everybody all winter long."

The only confirmed way to prevent the transmission of infection is hand-washing, a habit that should be regularly taught and enforced.

Dr. Klass' bottom ...


That's a question this case in the UK is trying the answer.

As Dr. Crippen, the crusty blogger who notes the inanities of the UK medical system, notes, extra-martial affairs are commonplace.

But should a physician be censured, effectively ending his medical career, for having a dangerous liaison?

"If every man and women in Britain who had an extra-marital affair were to be prevented from working," writes ...


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