Confronting the fear of death takes preparation

by Brad Stuart, MD

Atul Gawande’s brilliant essay in the New Yorker sums up the dilemma we face, whether we’re patients, families, and/or clinicians, as we near the end of life. His point is that we have to face it together:

“People die only once. They have no experience to draw upon. They need doctors and nurses who are willing to have the hard discussions and say …

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Video preview of the week at, September 28, 2010

I’m taking reader questions to answer on future video preview editions, a reminder for both health care professionals and patients to get their flu shot, and a preview of what’s happening on this week.

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Health and well-being hypocrisy in the health care industry

by Edward Stevenson

One of the things that drew me towards medicine was the fact that I personally value health and the sense of well being.

I would expect that if I inquired of my colleagues that a similar statements of values would echo this fact. Yet despite this near universal affirmation of value for health and well-being, a considerable amount of hypocrisy exists in the …

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