10 top medical blog posts, August 2010

Here are the top posts from this past month, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Apple’s iPad on medical rounds, a hands on physician review

2. Why primary care is like air traffic control

3. “I’m a patient, not a consumer”

4. Doctors hiring scribes because of electronic medical records

5. Pelvic exam etiquette that doctors need to know

6. Laugh, Sing, and Eat Like a …

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Are opioids any less safe or effective in non cancer patients?

by Drew Rosielle, MD

Recently, the New York Times reported of the movement in Washington State to officially do something about prescription opioid abuse, coming on the heels of course of the FDA rejecting the current risk evaluation and mitigation strategy plan as, essentially, not going far enough.

The article basically discusses the discussion in Washington about what to do; no formal new plans have been …

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An advocate for patients might save your life in the hospital

by Dennis Grace

So, you have to go to the hospital. You’ve had an accident and the doctor wants to keep an eye on you for a few days. Maybe you need major surgery. Whatever the reason for the stay, a lot a people think you should have an advocate with you.

Why? In my life, I’ve had lots of hospital stays. Why is this suddenly a big …

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