What are your health goals for the coming year? [PODCAST]

“Yearly physicals are usually afforded a longer time than regular visits. If I can use most of that time focusing the discussion on what a healthy life means to each of my patients and what they need to achieve it, I feel that I’ve accomplished more than doing palpation, range of motion, and auscultation. Discussing medications and finding opportunities for de-prescribing, and discussing annual routine labs’ futility is also an equally important and welcome part of my yearly rituals. As our population ages and we are faced with more chronic diseases, our goal is to maximize our patients’ abilities to function, relate to family and community, and live a life of purpose. Expanding the visit to discuss health status, strengths, weaknesses, and goals is a good time investment in achieving healthier people and enriching our relationship with patients. For my part, it also adds joy and purpose to my life.”

Alina Urriola is a family physician.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “What are your health goals for the coming year?

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