How ocean plastic picking made me a better pediatrician [PODCAST]


“It has been over a month since I started this new hobby. I told my middle-school-aged daughter tonight, ‘I am going to write a post about how ocean plastic picking has made me a better pediatrician.’

She replied, ‘You mean better than other pediatricians?’

‘No, I mean a better pediatrician than I was before,’ I answered in all seriousness. I know where her thoughts were coming from. I have always thought that anyone who makes it through the medical training process, including her mother, must have some level of narcissism and arrogance to make it and succeed. We have to convince parents, patients, and colleagues that we are just special enough to deserve their trust, their respect, and that we know what we are doing. Being mid-career, I certainly know I am competent. But the regular ritual of collecting ocean plastic has helped me be a better and more humble pediatrician.”

Vi Thuy Nguyen is a pediatrician who blogs at Dr. Plastic Picker.

She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, “How ocean plastic picking made me a better pediatrician.”

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