Why corruption is ruining your health care [PODCAST]

“Doctors help patients, and they love us for it. We fix bones, replace joints, cure killer infections, and control diabetes with insulin. We use painless scans for diagnosis. Liver, kidney, and heart transplants are now routine. Some patients get cured of lymphomas, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and testicular cancer. Lives are prolonged for myeloma and amyloidosis. Vaccines have saved millions worldwide.

We have complex technologies such as the heart bypass machine and dialysis. We replace diseased heart valves with artificial ones that work. Cardiologists permanently correct irregular rhythms using techniques that would seem natural on Star Trek. Other specialists gift infertile couples with children.

For a lot of the rest, supporting evidence that it works is lacking.”

Robert Yoho is a cosmetic surgeon and author of Butchered by “Healthcare”: What to Do About Doctors, Big Pharma, and Corrupt Government Ruining Your Health and Medical Care. He can be reached at his self-titled site, Robert Yoho, MD.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “How I was wrong about health care.”

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