An emergency physician fighting on the frontline


Who saw this coming?
The invisible invader from realms unknown,
Marching through continents,
Ravaging lives and souls.

With its intangible touch, it composes,
An orchestra of frenzy and fear,
With notes of anger and ignorance,
Conspiracy theories commence.

A battle ground emerges,
Picture a vent and a bed,
A loved one struggling for breath,
Or lying alone, dead.

The soldiers, we stand guard,
When the onslaught comes, we fight hard.
The staff and the snake strike the veiled foe,
Striving to save just a few more.

Will you remember this moment in time?
Will it shift your paradigm?
When we cared not for what was yours or what was mine,
As we fought for all on the frontline.

Chetna Singh is an emergency physician.

Image credit: Chetna Singh


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