Registered nurse for president!


The United States of America, home of the free and land of the great. So many have died attempting to flee from war, dictatorships, and poverty to gain access. Once a country with such strong influence, it’s now divided by bipartisan views and gridlocked actions. As a nation, we struggle to find solutions for our poor outcomes. Why does such a great country rank so poorly in education and health care efficiency while ranking first in prisoners? We struggle with unity, faith, hope, and trust.

Set aside the political jargon and antiquated solutions that have left us such a messy situation. We need some new ideas, solutions, hope, and trust placed back in America. I say: Registered nurse for president!

Let’s compare a busy hospital to our great country and figure out to get out of this mess. The registered nurse shows up to work, ready to take action, lead when necessary, take quick action, communicate with many different people in various educations and ready to find solutions. The environment of the hospital can be calm one moment and chaotic the next. The nurse deals with the chaos, organizes the team, gets things done and gets ready for the next wave. The nurse takes orders, gives orders, follows orders, delegates orders and cuts corners all in the spirit of delivering the best patient care possible. Compare this to the United States of America.

The leader of the country must assess the situation, plan a course of action, collaborate with their peers, find solutions, communicate the why, what and how, while being a role model under pressure. This leader must look for new solutions and encourage team members to work together to find a solution, rather than carry out an opinion. The leader of the country needs to work well with others, let go of their ego, be ready to take criticism and learn from their mistakes. This person must possess these skills while being trusted.

Politicians continue to promote and practice based on a political party view or agenda. This stalls all forward progress and creates a tug of war match within the country. Learning to work together as a team seems to be a skill lacking a large majority of government officials. The registered nurse works with multiple team members, each with their own agenda, yet orchestrates this team to carry out a single mission. Fix the patient! What if a registered nurse orchestrated with members of the government to find solutions to America’s problems, leaving personal gain and opinion at the door? What if this person from America’s most trusted profession helped leaders find solutions and work as a team and play nice in the sandbox? This could lead to progress for our nation.

The registered nurse wants to do what is right for the country while staying optimistic and open-minded for continued solutions. Collaborating with world leaders efficient in health care and education can lead to successful solutions. Nurses are researchers who look at science and data to help solve problems. When a nurse identifies an opportunity, research and what works well in other areas drives their solution. This same concept can be applied to the country’s problems. A registered nurse president would look to areas of the world that do well, find out what they are doing and learn how to implement it within our culture. While doing this, the RN president teaches the team to make it work, while holding them accountable. Of course, the imagery of the middle-class, hard-working nurse setting a deadline and coaching the senior members of Congress to work together as a team and play nice is something I would love to see.

The intricate details of the government are very confusing and often misunderstood by the best lawyers the country has to offer. The solution does not lie in a someone who understands all this, rather someone who can lead all who do. The registered nurse uses resources wisely to carry out a plan of action. We need a leader who possesses all these skills to unlock the potential this country must offer. The registered nurse will make people accountable while providing them education to improve their own life. Help those who truly need it while encouraging others to step it up. The registered nurse has thick skin, won’t take it personally, while doing what is right.

John Green is a nurse and can be reached at Registered Nurse Web.

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