10 most popular KevinMD posts of 2016

A huge thank you for your continuing readership in 2016.  I sincerely appreciate the vibrant KevinMD community, driven by your readership, contributions, and conversations.

KevinMD is about to enter its 13th year as the leading platform for the voice of the health care professional.  I look forward to another great year.

Here are the most popular posts of 2016:

1. An open letter to Justin Timberlake

2. The opioid epidemic: It’s time to place blame where it belongs

3. How to destroy a great ER: A step by step guide

4. Reduce nurse burnout by treating nurses as well as we treat patients

5. We are not taking care of nurses. Who will heal the healers?

6. With doctors losing respect, perhaps it’s time to expose medicine’s dark side

7. Not everyone can be a nurse

8. Laughter? That’s the sound of resiliency you hear.

9. A case of abdominal pain in the ER. And a surprising cause.

10. The time a 28-year-old MBA told a physician where to round first

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