These are the 10 most popular KevinMD posts of 2015


Thank you for another great year!  I sincerely appreciate your continuing readership.

Here are the 10 most-read posts of 2015.  Enjoy.

Watch 2 magicians destroy the anti-vaccine movement in 90 seconds. 

Measles in Disneyland should be a wake-up call for the anti-vaccine movement.  Will it? Magicians Penn and Teller do their part and show us why anti-vaccination is nonsense. (Warning: explicit language.)

An R&B anthem on hospital readmissions. It captures what’s wrong so perfectly.

ZDoggMD was a hospitalist in a past life, so he knows all about hospital readmissions.  Here are his R&B stylings on the ridiculousness surrounding the issue.

10 things you might not know about the emergency department

My best advice is to avoid the emergency department altogether if you can.  But if you have a real emergency, there’s no better place to be.

Want to keep ER nurses from leaving? Focus on patient safety instead of satisfaction.

Show me a hospital with better nurse to patient ratios than its competitors, and I will show you a hospital I will choose for my care.  It’s that simple.

The legacy of Dr. Michael Davidson

Let our clinics and hospitals be places of healing, and not of killing.  Please let us do our jobs.

Do drug seekers in the ER make you burst out in song? It did here.

Between 1991 and 2010, opioid drug prescriptions increased from 75.5 million to 209.5 million.  How can we stop prescription drug abuse? Let’s start in the ER.

Heart-wrenching photo of a doctor crying goes viral. Here’s why.

The physician in this photo is a modern day hero.

Doctors created music video about sepsis. The result is sick.

Want to learn about sepsis?  This video from the residents at UCLA-Kern Medical Center teaches you, Justin Timberlake style. Get your sepsy on!

A patient secretly records his colonoscopy. It cost this doctor her job.

A patient undergoing a colonoscopy pressed “record” on his smartphone before being sedated, hoping to capture instructions from his physicians after the procedure.  What he heard instead was shocking.

A patient is angry with her emergency care bill. But here’s what she really got.

The $500 you paid went to help cover some of the immense costs involved in being able to provide quality medical care to you and your family at any hour of any day and it went to the peace of mind that you and your husband experienced when the doctor examined your child and told you that everything would be OK.

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