Dr. Sorry’s video has been removed

Thank you for your feedback regarding Healthcare Not Fair’s latest video, “Ms. Fatty.”

First off, I encourage a diversity of opinions on KevinMD, and please note that I don’t necessarily endorse all the content that I post.

Now, regarding the video.  The sentiment presented is shared, unfortunately, by a number a physicians, and the satire was posted to ignite discussion regarding how some doctors perceive obese patients in the exam room.  To that extent, posting the video was a success: The conversation on the topic has been educational and vigorous on Facebook, Twitter, and the comments.  Physicians needed to hear from patients on this issue, and their voices came through loud and clear.

Despite that, the execution of the video (and my decision to post it) was ill-conceived and served to drive patients and doctors further apart, which contradicts my editorial mission.

So, after consideration of your thoughtful criticism and consultation with MedPage Today editorial, the video has been removed.

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