Top stories in health and medicine, April 6, 2015

medpagetodayFrom MedPage Today:

  1. Healthier Americans Mean a Stronger Economy. More health insurance results in more Americans who are in better health, which in turn makes the economy stronger.
  2. Dronedarone in Middle Age Linked to More Admissions. Treatment with dronedarone (Multaq) was associated with a higher risk for hospitalization than treatment with amiodarone or other antiarrhythmic drugs.
  3. Medicare Payment Reform in Cancer Care Long Overdue.When it comes to cancer care, every aspect of our health delivery system – ranging from treatment offered in physician offices to payment formulas calculated in Washington – must be geared towards a singular end: effectively treating patients and, ideally, saving lives.
  4. Cleveland Clinic Sees 40% Drop In Charity Care After Medicaid Expansion.The Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest hospitals in the country, has cut its charity care spending — or the cost of free care provided to patients who can’t afford to pay — to $101 million in 2014 compared with $171 million in 2013.

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