Top stories in health and medicine, April 1, 2015

medpagetodayFrom MedPage Today:

  1. Brain Cancer: Did ’60 Minutes’ Report Raise False Hope? A glioblastoma therapy touted in a “60 Minutes” report that aired Sunday evening, focusing on the use of the polio virus to treat glioblastoma, isn’t a particularly new idea and results are still unpublished — but some oncologists are worried that patients might not have gotten that message from the program.
  2. The Birth and Increasingly Troubled Life of Medicare. On July 30, 1965, an 81-year-old Missourian proudly accepted the nation’s first Medicare card.
  3. Vaccine Slows Advanced Ovarian Cancer. A tumor-derived cancer vaccine has led to a 3-year recurrence rate one-third lower than that of a control group with advanced ovarian cancer treated with surgery alone.
  4. Kudos for White House Plan on Resistant Bacteria. The White House’s newly released plan for combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria has drawn praise from infectious disease organizations.

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