Top stories in health and medicine, February 4, 2015

medpagetodayFrom MedPage Today:

  1. Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Cut in Half. The number of people exposed to secondhand smoke dropped by half over the last decade, but one in four nonsmokers, or some 58 million people, are still exposed.
  2. Patients Mum on Work-Related Asthma. While 46% of employed adults had asthma that was possibly work-related, only 15% of those patients discussed the relation between the workplace and their symptoms with their physician.
  3. Mixed Data on Diabetes Care in U.S. Patients. About 9% of adults in the U.S. have a diabetes diagnosis, and more than eight in 10 of these had contact with a doctor or healthcare professional in the last year.
  4. Can a Short Jog Lead to a Longer Life? For a long life, a couple hours of jogging at a moderate pace spread over a week might just be the optimal dose.

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