KevinMD media mentions, November 2011

I’d like to thank various media outlets for recently citing

1. Ethics Forum Speaker KevinMD: Social Media Gives Doctors a Voice, Massachusetts Medical Society.
We recently caught up with Dr. Kevin Pho, MD, a Boston University-trained internist now practicing in Nashua, NH. His website,, is one of the Internet’s top sites for physician commentary and news.

2. Defensive medicine adds billions to healthcare costs, Healthcare Finance News.
“There is a problem with defining defensive medicine. It’s difficult to know the exact cost,” explained Kevin Pho, MD, a Nashua, N.H.-based primary care physician who comments regularly on healthcare issues from the provider perspective on his blog

3. MedCrunch Interview With KevinMD, MedCrunch.
In this exclusive interview, Kevin shares some of his wisdom regarding the internet, productivity, patient care and much, much more.

4. In Social Media: Doctors, Lawyers, and Financiers, oh my! The Next Web.
Dr. Pho comments, “The most important aspect of social media is to connect with patients.”

5. Dr. Kevin Pho’s ‘secret’ for becoming a social media influencer, Ragan’s Health Care Communication News.
When Dr. Kevin Pho first started blogging in 2004, he didn’t think anybody was interested in what he had to say. At the time, only a few doctors were blogging and he mostly wrote commentary about current medical news.

6. Getting connected through social media, Medical Economics.
Pho always suggests to physicians that, at a minimum, they set up a profile on LinkedIn. It gets ranked highly by search engines, and it gives them the ability to have more control over what patients may find when they search online for them—and, Pho stresses, that is definitely what patients do.

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