The Craigslist Killer is a Boston University medical student


As an alum of Boston University Medical School, and having trained at Boston Medical Center, this is truly sad and disturbing news.

The so-called “Craigslist Killer,” who was the target of a national manhunt, is apparently a 22-year old medical student at Boston University:

Boston police tonight arrested Philip Markoff, a 22-year-old Boston University medical student, in the murder of 26-year-old Julissa Brisman at the Copley Marriott last week and an attack on a second woman at a Back Bay hotel.

Markhoff, who allegedly contacted the women through Craigslist ads, had been the target of a national manhunt since police last week released hotel security footage of a fair-haired young men believed to be responsible for Brisman’s murder.

And this alleged killer was studying to be a doctor?

This isn’t the first time a BU medical student was charged with murder. When I was a resident, I remember another prominent case that caused quite a stir, when a medical student, who was also a former sniper of the Israeli military, was arrested for murder while on patient rounds.

It’s difficult to imagine how a fellow medical student that you work and study with can be capable of such heinous acts. Obviously Mr. Markoff was intelligent and driven enough to get accepted to BU.

I wonder what went wrong.


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