Dr. Jonathan Glauser, your reviews are in

It’s not often that such an uninformed, inflammatory op-ed makes a clinical publication, but Jonathan Glauser, Chair of the Emergency Services Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, sets the standard for contempt with his anti-primary care rant.

Here are some responses from around the blogosphere.

ACP’s Bob Doherty: “To put it as kindly as I can, it appears that Dr. Glauser didn’t do his homework.”

Rob Lamberts: “Emergency Medicine News should edit more carefully. This is destructive ranting at its worst.”

Fellow emergency physician Shadowfax: “But Dr. Glauser is not just wrong, he’s cringe-inducing in his ranting. As they say on the interwebs: Epic Fail.”

Robert Centor
: “This is too ludicrous to induce my comments. Not all physicians have common sense. Not all physicians understand health care.”

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