With Medicaid cuts looming, guess who’s supporting doctors?

Surprise! It’s the NY Times editorial board, who lashes out against the proposed federal Medicaid payment cuts:

Just as the economic crisis is driving many workers into the ranks of the unemployed and uninsured, the Bush administration has callously decided to reduce Medicaid payments to hospitals for their outpatient services. With tax revenues collapsing, many states will be unable to pay their share of Medicaid costs, let alone make up for the loss of federal support.

The impact on the poor and the hospitals that serve them could be severe.

Payment cuts to doctors and hospitals equal a lack of access and a deterioration of patient care. This link needs to be highlighted in any discussion involving physician payment.

A similar situation arose last July, when Congress successfully repealed the planned Medicare payment cuts. I doubt that would have happened without the support of the AARP.

With health reform imminent, it’s essential to get patients on our side. It will immeasurably strengthen our lobbying power going forward.

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