Will Obama resist the radical left?

Obama’s health care plan is actually the most moderate of the options coming from the left. That fact, as well as the ads he ran emphasizing that his approach wasn’t a single-payer plan, scored him points with the moderates and frankly, made him the most appealing of the Democratic candidates.

Now that he’s in office with Democratic majorities, will the Medicare for all, single-payer demagogues sway his moderate stance? The WSJ suggests (via David Catron) that’s a possibility:

Pete Stark. The Chairman of a crucial House subcommittee dealing with health care doesn’t think Mr. Obama’s proposal to significantly federalize the insurance market goes far enough. He wants a single-payer system like Canada’s. Mr. Obama may want to strike a deal with Senate Republicans on health care, but Mr. Stark will be pulling him left at every turn.

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