My take: Dr. Nurses, supporting universal care

1) The WSJ reports on the doctorate of nursing practice programs, or so-called DNPs, aimed to capitalize on the primary care shortage.

My take: Even with a doctorate degree, nursing programs cannot equal the rigor or length of an allopathic medical school and residency. That is a fact.

However, physicians have no one to blame but themselves for mid-levels’ increasing role in health care delivery.

We have devalued primary care to a point where it is no longer desired by medical students. Someone has to do it, and the wave of mid-levels, chiropractors and minute clinics attempting to capitalize on the opportunity shortage is foreseeable.

2) 59 percent of U.S. doctors support government legislation to establish national health insurance.

My take: Not enough detail as to what kind of national health insurance plan is being supported. There are many ways the government can intervene. Contrary to the far-left, PNHP fanatics, there is more to the world than single-payer.

Universal coverage is indeed a laudable goal. If we had endless resources, there is no question it should be a priority. Simply hoisting universal coverage onto a system not ready for it is Massachusetts-like thinking foolhardy.

Here’s the bottom line. I support universal coverage, but not before controlling costs and expanding primary care access.

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