Health care in Nevada

Nevada has a high number of uninsured, bringing health care to the forefront there, says the NY Times:

The state has an unusually high number of people with no insurance, doctors are hard to come by, Medicaid reimbursements are low and health care safety nets are eroding.

Hmm . . . doctors are hard to come by, and Medicaid reimbursements are low. Isn’t the solution staring the politicians in the face?

The Democratic contenders trumpet their tired refrains about covering the uninsured:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, say they would require all Americans to get coverage and would provide subsidies to that end, while Senator Barack Obama of Illinois would require only children to have coverage. Mr. Obama’s plan would require employers to provide coverage or contribute to a new public program. They have all mulled expanding the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

How will this solve what Nevada is facing? Just because they have a new card entitling them to care, the core problem remains unsolved – namely, the “doctors are hard to come by” part.

I’m sorry to say this Nevada, no matter which Democratic candidate you vote for, your problems will still continue.

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