No charges against Anna Pou

The right thing was done:

A grand jury Tuesday declined to indict Dr. Anna Pou, the surgeon accused of killing four seriously ill patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Hopefully this saga has come to an end. Read more for extensive debate on the Anna Pou story.

Some blogosphere reactions –

PEU Report:
“The bad news is the grand jury declined to indict the doctor for second degree murder or conspiracy to commit murder. “Criminal doctors” was one leg of Carlyle’s two pronged defense. That a grand jury failed to bring charges against Dr. Anna Pou can’t be sitting well in the corporate offices on Pennsylvania Avenue. Now LifeCare may be held accountable for allowing uncredentialled providers access to their patients.”

Mary Johnson:
“But maybe now somebody will look up the food chain . . . at the hospital executives and local/state politicians who failed these patients . . . and these ‘health-care providers’ . . . . completely and utterly.”

Dr. Crippen:
“Dr Pou and Dr Munro have escaped prosecution. Dr Pou may yet have to face the American Civil Law vultures.

Personally, I remain profoundly uncomfortable with the actions that Dr Munro took. We may never know what Dr Pou and her nursing colleagues did or did not do.

But of one thing we can be sure. In cases such as this, the law is far too blunt an instrument.”

Anna Pou:
“I’m really putting Mr. Foti in God’s hands. I figure that he has to live with the decisions he’s made and I have been praying really hard, every day, that I can forgive him for all the pain and suffering that he has caused so many people that have been engaged in this case.”

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