Sued . . . for overtesting

Interesting case. A doctor is sued for overtesting (defensive testing, if you will). Complications from a questionably-indicated colonoscopy leads to aspiration pneumonia and death:

When 59-year-old Judith Dill went to Naples Community Hospital for bilateral total knee replacement surgery in 2003, the operation was successful and she was beginning to walk.

But while still recovering in the hospital, she felt nauseated and began vomiting days, prompting a consultation with a gastroenterologist. He recommended an endoscopy, which found no problems.

Three days later, a week after the knee surgery, he performed a colonoscopy.

Dill vomited violently, aspirating fluid into her lungs, and the operation stopped, but within days the fluid led to infection, Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. She died 11 days later, on April 23, 2003, after her husband and two daughters agreed to take her off life support.

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