"No government can effectively run a social program"

What’s happening at Walter Reed is small sample of how government-run health care would turn out. Does the public understand the implications of a nationally-run health care system?

I’ve read more reports than I care to count of people whose doctors don’t care one bit for them, and just move them through “routine” visits, and of people who die while on months-long waiting lists for necessary life-saving procedures such as emergency heart surgery. In fact, this is the norm in every country with socialized health care.

Of course, these things happen sometimes in the U.S. too, but most people mistake the reason. The reason, of course, is that the health care system here is partially socialized already. This is why doctors no longer make house calls, only spend five minutes or less on your $100 office visit, and don’t seem to care. But at least you can still get your heart bypass surgery before you die “” for now.

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