CRNA salaries

CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) make almost as much, if not more, than primary care physicians – with 2 years of college education. This post from a forum wonders how:

CRNAs make 224% as much as RNs and 156% as much as advance practice nurses (NP). According to the website, 58% of nurses are certificate nurses only, ie. have no advanced degree beyond a RN. It is not clear whether all these nurses were trained in 2 year certificate programs or whether some may have been trained in 18 month programs . . . Most of these CRNAs with a diploma RN and a certificate CRNA are still in practice and therefore have only 2 years of college education, period.

Some are even wondering if FPs can go back a re-train as CRNAs:

I wonder what would happen if a FP tried to apply to CRNA school. Certainly the degree they have qualifies them over a mere RN degree. Then they would go to work as a CRNA. From there it’s hard not to see them lobbying to have full anesthesiologist status.

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