Tired of zebras on the IM boards?

Don’t have time to study for diseases you never see in real life? Just rent and watch medical shows:

The board questions focus on esoteric situations and unusual cases that you’re more likely to encounter in a circus sideshow than in daily practice. Some of the questions seem like they’re straight from the twisted mind of Alfred Hitchcock. Let’s just say that you have a better chance of seeing Sasquatch on your morning jog than seeing some of the things thrown your way on the boards.

So how do I tackle preparing for such a task? When I have to renew my driver’s license, do I spend a weekend practicing three-point turns or parallel parking? No. The same principle applies to boards. I’ve already spent years studying and applying my knowledge to my practice. I wish I had the time to crack open books or attend a review course. But I don’t.

Instead, I’ve decided to rely on a cheaper and more practical study method””medical television shows. Yes, you heard me right. I’ll fight fire with fire.

Earlier this week, I went to the best academic institution around: Blockbuster video. I grabbed box sets of Scrubs, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and, best of all, House. As a special bonus, I also Tivoed a few episodes of Maury Povich to brush up on my paternity test knowledge; tomorrow he’s got a course on transgender surgery.

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