The ten most harmful health gadgets

Some funny health gadgets out there. Some of my favorites –

The Entertainer:

The Entertrainer ($139.99) is a wireless heart rate device that is activated by your TV’s remote control. Mount it on a treadmill, bike, or any other exercise equipment. Choose your level of work-out intensity, and then power on your TV. If you’re not exercising hard enough, the volume on your TV will go down; if you don’t get your routine back on track, the TV will turn off!

The Chair Pad fart absorber:

When you gotta pass gas, you gotta pass gas. No one likes to hold it in, especially while at the office! Besides, the average person will produce about half a liter of fart gas per day. That’s why Flat-D Innovations, maker of flatulence odor control products, designed the Chair Pad ($25.95). It uses activated charcoal technology to absorb the odor of gas while you’re sitting.

The Treadmill Bike:

I think I’d rather walk than catch a ride on Bicycle Forest’s Treadmill Bike ($2,500 Canadian): the future of urban transportation. The company wanted to design a fitness product that allows you to be outside enjoying the nice weather, instead of cooped up in a gym. To ride the Treadmill Bike, just hop on and start walking or running across the moving belt.

(via Gearlog)

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