Dr. Bennett redux

Another obese patient has his feelings hurt:

When the surgeon came in, he asked if I knew why my back was hurting. I told him that for 30 years, I’d had a job lifting heavy things and it had taken its toll. The doctor looked at me and said, “I think you have always eaten too much.”

I told him most of my family was built large. He said, “Then they eat too much, too.” He said everybody has the same metabolism and genes do not play that big a role in your size. People who are heavy simply eat too much and do too little.

During the entire 20-minute exam, he belittled and shamed me, and continued to say the ONLY reason people are overweight is they eat too much, and that I’m in denial. I went to this doctor for pain and left feeling like a fat, worthless piece of poop.

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