Why EHRs fail:

EHRs that fail, limp along, or are only partially implemented aren’t a problem limited to systems sold by NextGen. Physicians and group administrators told us about difficulties with several other programs, including some that are considered industry leaders. Nor are implementation problems always the fault of the EHR or its vendor. In many cases, these problems occurred because doctors purchased something that was inappropriate for their practices, or they weren’t fully committed to implementing it. But the bottom line is that doctors need to approach EHRs with their eyes wide open and know what they’re getting into, says Ron Sterling, a consultant in Silver Spring, MD.

The benefits of an EHR don’t become apparent until 1 year after implementation. Expect growing pains while adjusting. An EHR requires total physician commitment – it’s either all or nothing. None of this “half-paper/half-electronic” nonsense.

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