The Other Foot Myth, So Sorry, and More Liability News

1) While surgery on the wrong patient or wrong body part often makes headlines, a new study that looked at 20 years of data from a malpractice insurance provider found that cases of “wrong-site surgery” are rare. Read [Forbes]

2) British Columbia is considering “The Apology Act,” which could become the greatest Canadian export since hockey. Read [Press Telegram]

3) A doc with a new book about a ‘Broken Medical System’ says she laments having “to order an MRI just to prove they don’t have a brain tumor, even though we know they don’t.” Read [Beverly Citizen]

4) Philipsburg Area Hospital in Pennsylvania battled to stay in business. But difficulties in recruiting doctors hurt and the rising cost of malpractice insurance “hit like a lead balloon.” Read [Centre Daily Times]

5) Conservative estimates say doctors and lawyers will invest over $1 million in this year’s races for the Tennessee General Assembly. One writer noted an interesting sight at the state capital: “hallways filled with physicians, clad in white coats, earnestly confronting lawmakers.” We’re sure lawyers in bespoke suits were lurking, as well. Sigh. Read [The Tennessean]

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