Yes, there are bad docs too. 80mg of Oxycontin twice a day for a sore throat can’t really be called standard of care:

The doctor treated Michael Osgood during Christmas break from Iowa State University, which the teen attended on an academic scholarship. By Jan. 6, 2003, he couldn’t swallow and had a fever and other signs of flu, records show. Slavin has testified that Osgood was crying from throat pain but rejected a number of painkillers, saying he couldn’t swallow.

Slavin prescribed 80 milligrams of OxyContin every 12 hours. “Because of the severity of pain he was having, I felt that that was [the] dose that he was going to need,” Slavin testified in a January 2004 deposition. He said he had the patient’s mother fill the prescription and bring it to the office, where he watched as the teen took the first dose.

Two days later, after Alicia Osgood couldn’t rouse her son, he was airlifted in a coma to Georgetown University Hospital. He died Jan. 12, 2003, from accidental “oxycodone intoxication” after the third dose, according to the District of Columbia medical examiner’s office.

Seventeen of the 20 pills remained, records show.

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