Delaware is discussing whether Good Samaritan physicians should be granted immunity. Predictably, there is opposition from the trial lawyers:

Imagine that a doctor operates on the wrong patient due to a mix-up. Perhaps she operates on the correct patient, but removes the wrong leg.

Or a doctor is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while delivering a baby, and causes injury or death to the mother or child. Or that a psychiatrist rapes his patient during a therapy session.

In every one of these situations, and even more egregious examples, if the doctor was a volunteer during a state of emergency, he or she would be immune from any liability to the victim if House Bill 134 becomes law.

As well as this letter – I’ll let it speak for itself:

Is this really about doctors’ fear of being sued, or is it about doing favors for insurance companies that have been paid premiums but will not have to pay out the claims if this state legislation passes?

Residents should pay attention because their rights are being taken away. If this legislation passes, taxpayers also will pay for the care of those injured instead of insurance companies that are shielded from paying.

After Sept. 11, 2001, lawyers all over the country volunteered to represent victims of the attacks. Not one of them asked for immunity.

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