Some say that lawyers being unfairly demonized:

“We’ve been hit by a very expensive, well-financed public-relations offensive by special interests bent on changing the subject from accountability and responsibility for their actions to creating a new bogeyman,” says Richard Taylor, chief executive of the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, which has more than 4,000 members. “We’re it.”

Most of his group’s members represent individuals who claim injury by faulty products, negligence, accidents or malpractice, but the taint is spreading even to members of firms that represent business and industry. “There’s no doubt the profession is under assault,” says Willis Whichard, a former state Supreme Court justice and ex-legislator who is dean of Campbell University’s law school. “The level of respect has declined to the point, you hear over and over, that lawyers rank just ahead of used-car salesmen in public esteem.”

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