A hospital was sued for not admitting a psychotic man after he killed his son. “The family was suing Helen Fuld and Dr. Dario LaRocco, who managed the center’s crisis unit in 1999, on allegations the doctors never hospitalized Antonio the day he killed Joseph.

The day Antonio went berserk inside Panzitta’s Ewing home, where Diana and Nancy were left beaten and bloodied, the Petruccas were advised to go to the city’s crisis center by Petrucca’s private doctor, Mark Magariello.

The hospital, represented by Tom Walsh, said Petrucca arrived at the hospital looking for help to conquer depression issues after revealing to wife earlier that morning he was having an affair.

He later killed his son because he had delusions Nancy was a demon and his wife was a vampire, testimony revealed.

Petrucca had psychotic and homicidal delusions the only way to save himself from their powers was to kill their son, the family allege.

Petrucca was seen by five hospital officials on Sept. 22, including a screener, LaRocco’s resident and a psychiatric nurse, with all of them reporting the man was calm and never spoke of vampires, testimony revealed.”

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