Behold the 9-hour physical. “When he turned 50, Steven Jackson decided it was time for a complete physical. But instead of going to his usual doctor, he spent $2,000 for a daylong assessment at a cushy health center loaded with amenities.

Jackson said that despite the cost, the concept offered at the Baylor Tom Landry Health & Wellness Center in Dallas appealed to him: having the tests done while spending a day in a luxurious setting.

“They did everything _ started at 7 a.m., ended at 4 p.m.,” said Jackson, an Albuquerque, N.M., real estate developer who is waiting to find out if his insurance will pay for part of the September exam. “I could sit and watch the TV while they came in and prodded me. I thought it was well worth it for me.”

Methinks he will be waiting awhile if he wants insurance to cover most of this exam.

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