Let’s get ready to rumble: Dr. Bennett and his supporters are taking the fight to the NH Board of Medicine. “. . . the members of the state Board of Medicine were sent information about one of their own, Dr. James Clifford.

The members were mailed what appears to be copies of complaints filed against Dr. James Clifford when he was an emergency room doctor at Frisbie Hospital in Rochester. The complaints were to the hospital and not the board.

Clifford was fired by the hospital in 1996 because of patient complaints, but he sued claiming he was wrongly let go. The hospital and Clifford reached a settlement in 1998 that stated ‘No ethical or clinical deficiencies relative to Dr. Clifford’s care of patients were involved in this case.’

A group of Bennett’s supporters, Supporters of Dr. Terry Bennett, sent the information about the complaints against Clifford to every member of the board last week by certified mail.”

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