I’ll be your bop buddy
MD Net Guide writes about the medical blogosphere. Here’s what they say about Kevin, M.D., under “The Blog as Bop Buddy”:

All of the foregoing is certainly noble enough, but there comes a time in every physician’s life when he or she just wants a place to tell a funny story, scream to the heavens about the frustrations of HIPAA compliance, complain about a recalcitrant patient, or otherwise blow off steam. “That’s the beauty of blogs. If they want to be self-indulgent, they can,” says Kevin Pho, MD (blog home: www.kevinmd.com). “This is not for business. It’s for patients, but it is also for myself and other doctors, too.” Dr. Pho, whose own blog is visited by some 200 readers each day [more now -ed], adds that “It’s a way to argue and debate medical issues, whether it’s the cost of practice or universal healthcare, [but] it’s also just a way to keep in touch with writing” (www.kevinmd.com/modphysician.htm).

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