Health Care Renewal agrees that our primary care leaders are out of touch with the real world

“In summary, primary care is under siege by progressively rising costs and lower reimbursement. Since this seems to be public knowledge, it shouldn’t be surprising that medical students are increasingly going into other fields. What is surprising, and troubling, is that leaders of major medical organizations either fail to recognize how hard it is to practice primary care, or recognize it, but fail to acknowledge any responsibility to do anything about the problem.

By avoiding any responsibility for the solution, such leaders become part of the problem.”

Bold words – and I completely agree. I recently emailed Dr. Weinberger trying to bring this to his attention. It’s time for our leaders to stop being afraid about talking about money, reimbursement, and compensation. Let’s face facts: with today’s medical students graduating with an equivalent of a mortgage of debt, they are going to where the money is. And it’s not in primary care.

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